A few projects sold by our company:

In 2003, Engro Fertilizer Company Ltd, faced a major problem. Their petrochemical furnace operated below atmospheric pressure, leading to cool air being drawn in around the process tubes. This air leak drastically impacted their energy efficiency. To address this issue, we recommended the implementation of Insulcon B.V. proven flexible sealing system, Refrex® Multi Tube Bellows.

Complicated high temperature tube passings, through roofs or walls can be flexible sealed by Insulcon’s Refrex® Mono or Multi Tube Bellows. This innovative solution successfully reduced air ingress to almost zero, leading to a remarkable enhancement in energy efficiency and translated into tens of millions of rupees in saved energy costs.

In 2023, as Engro Fertilizer undertook a major furnace revamp, and they choose the same sealing system. This repeat engagement underscores the effectiveness, reliability, and durability of the solution provided by Insulcon B.V. It’s not just about saving money; it’s about optimizing operations, reducing environmental impact, and ensuring long-term success.

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Engro Fertilizers Ltd procured two water treatment plants from Avantech Inc that included two 100% Reverse Osmosis systems as well as three 100% two bed systems. The combined system is a flow rate of  1,408  gpm  (320  m3/hr).  This  contract  included  the  design,  furnishing  of  materials, fabrication, assembly, testing, and preparation for shipment of the following:

1.  Skid-Mounted Equipment including various utility distribution pumps, motors, Multimedia Filters, Cartridge Filters, Reverse Osmosis Units, Two Bed Demineralizers, Antiscalant Injection System, Caustic Injection System, and Chlorination Systems.

2.  Electrical   power   and   control   systems   for   skid-mounted equipment and the motor control centers.

3.  Instrumentation and process control systems and software.

4.  Interconnecting piping design and implementation by ENGRO.

5.  Other appurtenances to form a complete and workable water treatment equipment system.

6.  System start-up and validation by Avantech Inc.


ap_logo Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited (FFBL)



Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Ltd procured an Ammonia and Hydrogen Recovery Unit from Air Products plc . The Ammonia and Hydrogen Recovery Unit is a skid-mounted systems consisting of PRISM® separators with pre-treatment composed of ammonia scrubber, pumps and heater. The system also included interconnecting piping, field instrumentation and safety devices. The Ammonia unit recovers ammonia from the high pressure purge gas of the ammonia plant as aqueous ammonia. The aqueous ammonia is sent to the existing distillation unit for purification of the ammonia. The Hydrogen Recovery Unit recovers hydrogen from the scrubbed purge gas as a permeating gas and recycles the purified hydrogen to the suction of the synthesis gas compressor. The non-permeating stream depleted in hydrogen is exported as fuel gas for use on the reformers. System was started up and performance tested by Air Products PLC


heatec-inc-3 Pakistan_petrolem_logo.svg  PDIL

Heatec Inc  manufactured a Hot Oil Package 3000 KW of capacity for Pakistan Petroleum Ltd for the ADHI LPG AND NGL recovery plant. The unit was supplied through Presson Descon International (Pvt) Limited.



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